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Diane M. Burke or A Plus Associates in Albany, New York

Diane M. Burke
Graduate Gemologist (G.I.A.)
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Tiffany 18K Rooster Pin
Tiffany 18K Rooster Pin
Art Deco wrist watch
Art Deco wrist watch
Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring
14K Cameo Brooches and Ring
14K Cameo Brooches and Ring

Dating back to 500 B.C., Herodotus, the Greek historian recorded the use of auctions by the Romans as a means to buy and sell their property. Selling items through the auction process was thought to be the most efficient and logical way to sell property.*

American auctions date back to the Pilgrims and continued during colonization with the sale of livestock, crops, tobacco, tools, slaves and farms. Fur was one of the most popular items sold at auction. Auction was considered the most efficient means for turning assets into cash.

Today, the internet has bridged the gap of distance, providing the opportunity for worldwide bidder participation. The one thing that has continued throughout the years with this process, auctions are still the most competitive and exciting way to sell personal property.

Fiduciary Responsibility

Why take the risk of selling your jewelry to just one bidder when the open market gives you the opportunity to expose your items to hundreds of qualified buyers. Sellers and buyers have access to all relevant facts making the sale transparent as both parties are well informed. The sale of property in the open forum removes any doubt as to the actual selling price obtained. For those of you who have fiduciary obligations pertaining to trusts or estates, this fact is an important consideration.

If an auction has been determined to be the best market for selling your jewelry item or items, A+ Associates can assist in facilitating this process. You are, of course, an important part of this process. Your approval is needed before any agreements are made. We keep you updated throughout the process, from setting the reserve price to the day of the auction.

Please contact us to discuss your auction options.

*Apparently nothing was off limits as women were often auctioned off as wives. The only "legal" way to sell your daughter was through auction.

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